Housing Fuels WV Economy

(contribution credit/re-post: National Association of Home Builders) – Housing is central to American family life and critical to a thriving economy. The state of the housing industry is a good barometer of the broader economy and the condition of the nation’s social fabric.

Laws and regulations can have a profound effect on production and affordability of housing in West Virginia. Let’s take a look at some data to see how our state is doing in terms of new home production, housing affordability, remodeling activity, and other benchmarks.

Perception of Growth in West Virginia

There are both advantages and drawbacks to growth in a community, which can make it a divisive issue among West Virginia residents. Even members of the same community can perceive growth in different ways.

Housing Availability and Policy in West Virginia

The ability to find a home in your area is a factor many of us take for granted. Not all of us have this luxury, and there are specific ways West Virginia residents would like to see the government act to remedy this.

Homeownership in West Virginia

Homeownership is a key piece of the American Dream, and one that millions of West Virginia residents want to participate in each year. But for some, there are obstacles in the way to reaping the wonderful benefits associated with homeownership.

Remodeling in West Virginia 

Millions of West Virginia residents remodel their homes each year, for many different reasons. This brief exploration of those remodeling their homes gives insight into the scale, and the reasons, for trying to improve our homes.

These polls were conducted for NAHB by Morning Consult from December 18-23, 2017, among a national sample of 16023 Adults and from July 14-17, 2018, among a national sample of 15995 Adults.

The data is still relevant, with the exception of any recent trends triggered from the Covid-19 crisis.

The interviews were conducted online. State and district level results are estimates produced by a model known as multi-level regression with post-stratification (MRP). Prior to model estimation, the data were weighted to approximate a target sample of Adults based on age, race/ethnicity, gender, educational attainment, and region. Results from the full surveys have a margin of error of plus or minus 1 percentage points.

Why Choose Parker Rose Custom Homes?

At Parker Rose Custom Homes, we’ve been all about “family-first” for years and have enjoyed taking a (smart) but pragmatic approach to custom home building. Our team is comprised of hands-on builders who are involved from conceptualization to execution and follow-up. We work hard to ensure that the experience and finished product is exactly as you expected – or better! We take pride in catering to each and everyone one of your needs. We hope to meet you one day to talk about what YOUR “forever home” will look like. 

See you on the lot!


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