4 Benefits of Building on Your Own Lot

(courtesty Sue Durio/Freelance Writer/New Home Source)

You are ready to have that perfect home of your own, but so many choices … Do you buy an existing home that fits your needs but on a lot you didn’t choose, and maybe don’t particularly love? Or do you opt for finding your own lot first and then building your dream home? Here are some benefits to building a home on your own lot.

1. Location, Location, Location

It may be stating the obvious, but perhaps the greatest benefit of choosing where you build is getting to be deliberate about that location. That means more than just being in the ZIP code you are after. If the property is in a subdivision, you are choosing the exact place on the street or cul-de-sac where you will settle.

“What if you don’t want to be at the end of the street or right at the entrance of the community? Maybe you prefer a view of the mountains or the lake,” says Alaska Realtor Audrey Mason. “If you prefer a certain view, choosing the right lot gives you the freedom to choose your view and keep that view unobstructed from your custom home.”

2. Get Exactly What You Want

Building a custom home on your own lot brings greater flexibility in the home’s design. Instead of accepting a floor plan and finishes of a newly constructed home, you can customize to your heart’s desire and your budget’s limitations.

According to a blog post from Daytona Beach, Fla., builder Kargar Construction “Due to building on your own lot, you may potentially be able to enjoy more room for customization. Additions to your home or outdoor space won’t be constricted by your neighbors’ homes or backyards—you can have much more space to work with and will be able to exercise a bit more customizable freedom while designing the look and feel you want.”

3. Potential for More

Properties outside of established subdivisions offer the potential to do more with the land than just the home itself. “When you choose your own lot, you don’t have to deal with restrictions on outbuildings, guesthouses, detached garages or other buildings,” Mason says. “Some established communities won’t allow any outbuildings at all. What if you want to create a guesthouse for your in-laws or you want a detached five-car garage?”

And by choosing your own building lot, you can select one that is large enough to accommodate your long-term building plans. Maybe you intend to eventually put in a sand volleyball court or large garden. You can pick the property and lay out the long-range vision before starting any construction to be sure your plans are possible—including staying within building set back lines and avoiding tree locations.

4. The Intangible Connection

Besides the advantage of hand-picking where you want to live and having a personal say in what your space looks like, there is one intangible benefit that is hard to quantify, says Guy Burtt, principal with North Carolina-based Riverstone Development Group Inc. 

“There is a definite feeling of an emotional connection to living in a new home that you have created,” Burtt says. “The new-home smell, no one else has stepped foot (or pets) on your carpet. This is your creation that matches your style and personality that you created from scratch.”


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