How to Consider Costs and Benefits for High-Performance Residential Buildings

(courtesy NAHB) The home building industry is working to quantify the value that healthier, high-performance residential buildings can bring to occupants. Justifying the financials and the advantages of investing in durable, comfortable and sustainable buildings is especially fitting in the wake of COVID-19, as people are becoming more aware of what they want in their […]

Plan Now for Spring Build

(courtesy If you are a first-time home buyer, finding a home can be an exciting, yet, daunting experience. Before deciding on a location, finding a realtor or making an offer, you must line up your finances and become more familiar with the various loan options. To help you understand the home buying process, here […]

Spring Has Sprung

“We have always been about family and always will be. So much so, our name is derived from one of my children and one of Bill’s children and our tag line is our mission statement – families building families their forever homes.” Clark Ware, President of Parker Rose Custom Homes. “Every year, usually in the spring […]

Housing Fuels WV Economy

(contribution credit/re-post: National Association of Home Builders) – Housing is central to American family life and critical to a thriving economy. The state of the housing industry is a good barometer of the broader economy and the condition of the nation’s social fabric. Laws and regulations can have a profound effect on production and affordability of […]

Ask Parker Rose

At some point in life most individuals have to go through the nail biting experience of buying a home. It’s sort of become a grappling moment in life that’s anticipated. In generations past, it would be a house or two later when a family thinks about building a custom home to get exactly what they […]

Emerging “Lifestyle” Changes

As we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, we’ll seem the same as we were before as we get on with our lives, but we’ll be different. And when it comes to church, family, work and lifestyle decisions, we’ll be on a new course – a more simpler, but smarter course. It has been said that […]