Lifestyle Changes Emerging

Lifestyle changes emerging. As we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, we’ll seem the same as we were before as we get on with our lives, but we’ll be different. And when it comes to church, family, work and lifestyle decisions, we’ll be on a new course – a more simpler, but smarter course.

It has been said that we don’t choose our future, our future (or fate) chooses us. At Parker Rose Custom Homes, we have been uniquely positioned for these emerging times. We’re grateful and we’re ready to serve you and build you the forever home of your dreams.

We have been focusing on building highly efficient, smart homes for years for many types of customers – including first home buyers (yes!) or couples settling back home and wanting to “right” size.

Some of most recent conversations with families have been particularly interesting and are surely a sign of the times and where we’re heading. “Can we make the bay window bump out in the living room larger to accommodate a desk in case our home office becomes a nursery?” “What interior wall sound proofing solutions can you provide?” “How can design be utilized to easily enable a future mother-in-law suite down the road?” Couples and families are taking more time to consider lifestyle decisions and new priorities. And with interest rates being the lowest that we’ll see probably for quite sometime, they’re considering their many options now around building exactly what they want.

So, yes, features and functionality, “green” sub building incorporation, highly efficient infrastructure and increasing use of smart home standards enabling a “connected” home, are all top priorities when specifying custom home needs – but now within the new frame work of being pragmatic and relevant.

These trends will continue to grow in scope and adaptability but within the context of supporting the family’s overall priorities and lifestyle. For example, we don’t hear customers asking about new materials, “cool” home designs and technology just for the sake of incorporating it without purpose that supports new principles.

Why Choose Parker Rose Custom Homes? 

At Parker Rose Custom Homes, we’ve been all about “family-first” for years and have enjoyed taking a (smart) but pragmatic approach to custom home building. Our team is comprised of hands-on builders who are involved from conceptualization to execution and follow-up. We work hard to ensure that the experience and finished product is exactly as you expected – or better! We take pride in catering to each and everyone one of your needs. We hope to meet you one day to talk about what YOUR “forever home” will look like. See you on the lot!


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