The parker rose difference

We are experienced hands-on builders involved from conceptualization to execution. We work hard to ensure that the outcome is just how you pictured it to be. Our services are always customized to every customer’s individual needs.

Customers choose their ideal location and environment. We will then incorporate elements of the local landscape, whether that is a view of the top of a mountain, a natural stream, or the distinct colors and plants of a holler’s landscape.

Why Parker Rose?

We build on land owned by the customer and start fresh with each design.

Committed to customer service first, we stay boutique and cap the number of homes we build each year so that we can spend quality time with the you through the process of building their forever home.


Green Building

Concern for the environment is growing as are energy costs. Because of this, we are embracing green building techniques. Features like solar panels, water-saving appliances, insulation to improve heating efficiency and the use of renewable or recycled building materials are all popular techniques to improve a home’s efficiency. We encourage you to include a wide range of green products and give you the opportunity to weigh each cost and benefit to create a home that is stylish, comfortable, but also eco-friendly.

New Amenities

Today, home owners like to see features that will improve their lifestyle through health, entertainment or comfort. In this way, custom homes really set themselves apart from the competition. Yoga studios, resistance pools and fitness rooms can be added to encourage healthy living. Game rooms, theaters and even a bowling alley can be added for fun and for comfort. Breezy, screened-in porches or warm hearths can make your home feel cozy and welcoming.

Custom amenities are also taking a turn to the world of tech. In a world where there’s an app for everything, buyers are beginning to expect a custom home to do more and be “smarter.” Nowadays you can control many features in your home using a phone, including energy usage, security systems, lighting and even the music playing in each room.

Multigenerational Living

Whether it is aging parents moving in with their adult children or young adults living back with mom and dad, multigenerational households have specific needs when it comes to a home.

Multigenerational families often build homes that include the traditional mother-in-law suite or even feature a locked-off living space within the home. These apartment-style spaces can have their own kitchenette, full bathroom and living areas to provide a sense of privacy and independence.

Universal Design

As the country grows older and many baby boomers look to retirement, Universal Design (UD) features are an ever-growing priority for some customers. UD is used to ensure that features like wider doors, lower countertops and fewer stairs are used to create a home that everyone can enjoy comfortably. An accessible home allows owners to age in place, prolonging their ability to stay in the house independently and can also increase value by opening the market to any future buyer, despite age, stature or ability.



We take a pragmatic approach to the environment and energy costs. Our SmartBuild process embraces green building techniques and features that are good investments for our region.

Features like solar panels, water-saving appliances, insulations and the use of renewable building materials to improve a home’s efficiency …create a home that is stylish, comfortable, but also eco-friendly.


west "by god" west virginia

Our current custom home “build-on-your-lot/property” construction in West Virginia is focused in Barbour, Doddridge, Harrison, Lewis, Marion, Monongalia, Preston and Taylor counties.

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Our current custom home “build-on-your-lot/property” construction in Virginia is focused in Bedford, Botetourt, Campbell, Franklin, Pittsylvania and Roanoke counties.