Buying Land or Finding a Builder? Which Comes First?

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Buying land or finding a builder? Which comes first? (courtesy New Home Source. New Home Source is a Parker Rose Customs Homes showcase partner representing the builder’s BOYL custom home portfolio)

If you’ve not experienced working with a contractor or builder to build a home, it could be a daunting decision to try and decide the order in which the process best works and where to start. Most believe they should focus on finding property on their own first and then reach to an architect and then begin searching for a custom home builder, perhaps through soliciting bids.

As that can be one way, families who start with a custom home builder first are getting better results. A builder is the prime anchor and value establishing your Forever Home, ultimately, and they approach your vision holistically, listening about your dream home, the experience you’re looking for, the functionality you’re expecting right down to the views you want to have from inside your new home. By focusing holistically and streamlining, you can save time and money, as well as a lot of hassle.



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