In-Door To Out-Door Living Space Trends 2024

According to Houzz’s New and Custom Home Trends Report, the top trend in outdoor living is indoor-outdoor living, followed by outdoor kitchens and privacy. This highly sought-after trend focuses on creating a seamless transition between interior and exterior spaces.

To achieve indoor-outdoor living, homeowners are embracing floor-to-ceiling pocket doors that allow for a barrier-free connection with the outdoors. Outdoor kitchens are also gaining popularity as an extension of the indoor living space, going beyond traditional grilling areas.

With more time being spent outdoors, privacy is a top priority for many homeowners. Creating privacy can be achieved through the use of trees, foliage, fences, and privacy walls.

2024 is also set to see an increase in upscale relaxation spaces, work-from-home areas, and practical fire pit tables. Sustainable living is another key focus, with kitchen gardens and climate-resilient gardens gaining popularity.

In terms of design style, minimalism takes the lead with clean lines, rounded edges, and natural colors. Other highly ranked design styles include eclectic, cottage-core, Mediterranean, and global designs.

When it comes to furniture and finishes, modular and comfortable furniture is a top trend, followed by natural stone flooring. Mixed materials and colors are recommended to frame features and define spaces, with earthy colors and neutral tones being popular choices.

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