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Designing A Timeless Kitchen

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Timeless kitchen design. Designing a timeless kitchen can be an expensive project and tricky task since it involves making key decisions about a room that is all-important and central to the home. If you’re looking to build your forever home, having a kitchen with a timeless design that will outlast fads and still own your heart for years to come is probably high on your list of priorities. Making design choices that will give your kitchen a classic & timeless aesthetic will ensure that your space outlives trends and saves you money down the road.

Try not to give in too much to the trends of the day and focus more on beautiful and quality design elements that will transcend time and never lose value. One classic process to use is using a mix of old and new while studying great kitchens that have stood the test of time, and in functionality as well as design. Mixing old and new elements is a way to navigate between a vintage time capsule look and a trendy space. And don’t forget considering the best case for the layout and follow the classic kitchen triangle best practice whether considering a galley-style, U-shape, L-shape, Open-plan or Single-wall. 

Here are some solid design examples to further help you create the kitchen of your dreams in your new build.

Use of Non-Tile Backsplash

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If you’re not sure if tile is the right choice for you, using a timeless stone slab such as marble to use for your backsplash is a great alternate option to consider. Continuing your countertops up into your backsplash will help give the space a refined feel. It also provides continuity – drawing the eye upward and making your kitchen feel more open. A neutral, bright option like marble or quartz, while somewhat “trendy”, won’t feel dated a few years down the road, and can work with a variety of styles. We love the use of a slab backsplash in this build of Exclusive Newport Style Plan 270039AF .

Incorporate Custom Artisan Woodwork
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If you’ve got room in your budget to splurge, consider having a statement piece made by a local woodworking artisan. Bonus points if you work with reclaimed wood – mixing antique elements into your kitchen is a great way to make the space feel more timeless. Our client built Farmhouse Plan 92381MX and chose to have a custom hood vent made by a local woodworker – we love the contrast it provides against their shiplap walls.

Use Materials With Organic Texture
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Using organic elements is key to designing a timeless space. Including materials like the textured backsplash tiles & copper vent hood in this build of European Style Plan 14613RK helps to bring a classic feel to the space. Using products that all have similar or smooth finishes can make a design feel flat – try adding texture to bring depth into your kitchen.

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