What You Should Know About Wood

Wood, Glue and Water. What, When and Why? Too often we come across misinformed consumers who are trying to reason what selection of materials they should go with for different applications when it comes to remodeling or building a home. Acronyms and terms are intermixed and misused but only with the good intentions of praying […]

5 Common Custom Home Building Myths

Many folks think that building a custom home takes a lot of money and a lot of money that is freed up sitting in cash. But in all actuality, building your dream home the custom home way is more attainable than you know. Other misconceptions include the idea that you have to wait a long […]

Custom Homes Are They Worth It?

(courtesy Shannon Wilson/New Home Source; New Home Source is a Parker Rose Customs Homes showcase partner representing the builder’s BOYL custom home portfolio) Those who want the perfect home with all the amenities they desire and floor plan customized to their needs can build a custom home. Creating a custom home however comes with additional […]