Custom Home Building is Much More Than Just Custom Features

When it comes to creating your dream home, meeting building codes is just the beginning.

Naturally, nailing the basics like mechanical ventilation, air tightness, floors and basements or crawlspaces, rain and groundwater, window and door flashing, vapor retarders, dehumidification, insulation types, etc., is critical. However, there’s so much more that goes into making a space sustainable, high quality and the experience you’ve dreamed about.

That’s why we use our SmartBuild process for every custom build; this proven approach ensures you always come out of construction with something special: A Forever Home tailored specifically to fit all your living needs.

We take a pragmatic and team approach to collaboration, the environment and energy costs, balancing green building techniques and features that are practical in our region and good investments.

So, from saving on monthly bills or doing your part for the planet, to exceeding the expected experience of your new living space, we can help make your dream home a reality.

Research and Collaboration

At Parker Rose Custom Homes we believe in a collaborative process when creating connected living spaces. “We recognize the vital role that communication plays! The old way of doing it, the architect would draw it up and give it to the builder, and the builder would give it to the subs and nobody would ever talk to each other. You can’t get an optimized building that works holistically and connected to the client’s vision, property, best materials and local considerations”. – Bill Burdett, Vice President of Parker Rose Custom Homes. “Instead of isolating each party to their own lane during construction, our build methodology begins with understanding vision requirements from the client while considering other options for materials availability and optimizing energy efficiency.”

The result? A cohesive custom home that is not only efficient and cost-effective, but also hits the mark of exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Understanding site characteristics is also a part of the early stages. Smart site selection and the proper orientation of a home to its lot can make all the difference. As Burdett puts it, careful consideration should be taken before building even begins by determining factors such as solar access, wind direction for cooling purposes in summer months, shading from coniferous trees throughout different seasons and managing groundwater levels accordingly.

Natural light is also key; designers must strive to provide adequate natural lighting so that homeowners don’t have need artificial illumination during daylight hours. High-performance homes offer much more than just comfort, according to Ware. When designing a home with southern exposures it is important not to create an environment that becomes too hot and unbearable during the winter due lack of control over sunlight glare. On top of this, whenever possible avoid west-facing rear exposure as northern experience should be favored in such cases instead.

Building Science

Building science is also part of our integrated approach to material sources and usage. Some examples of this include our ability to design homes and rework architectural plans according to common sheet-good sizes, where necessary, maximizing efficiency and reducing waste.

Advanced framing techniques can also help minimize the amount of wood required in construction; and right sizing HVAC equipment is also important for an energy efficient build. We even try and utilize natural sources such as prevailing winds and cross ventilation wherever possible – and when it comes time to choose windows, select a high R-value option that fits into your budget while ensuring they are flashed correctly.

Additionally, we reuse or recycle building materials whenever possible, helping to contain costs without compromising on workmanship quality.

The Home Experience

Defining the objectives of your Forever Home’s connected living spaces is more than just considering modern use cases of space like double kitchen islands, wellness rooms, home offices, in-law suites or – one of the newest use cases recently embarked upon – mud-room with a pet station or outdoor living.

Bill Burdette explains, “We think about the flow of spaces – both open and traditional, how people use and move through the home, appropriate room sizes for purposeful uses and natural transitions from one space to another, including transitioning to outdoor living spaces. Additionally, we focus on acoustics within rooms that are important for certain activities, such as a music practice area or home theater. We can develop cabinetry specifications with consideration to ergonomics, installation of technology, and clean-ability. We are also mindful to not over-design these spaces; some might say ‘less is more’ when it comes to finishes in a Forever Home environment. It is important to create an inviting space that feels true to the vision of the client without distractions.”

Value Engineering

We apply the best cost management methods that we’ve evolved over the years to get more out of your budget. Downsizing square footage with a smaller design or building upward rather than outward in order to conserve resources, while still creating an inviting space, are examples of smart workarounds.

To further save time and money, we suggest customers consider using one of the pre-made architectural designs, like the ones on our House Plans page – they have already had many common errors eliminated from their construction plans so clients won’t be surprised by extra charges down the line. When it comes to roof systems for your budget-savvy build, clients can opt for a single ridgeline system with shallow pitch instead of more complex — yet expensive – hips and valleys.

Drywall is also an economical choice in comparison to pine paneling on interior ceilings; while still providing great aesthetics at double the price savings! To save expenses, kitchen appliances, flooring, cabinetry, countertops and other amenities – all of these can be upgraded in the future at a lower cost than installing them from scratch today.

Burdett – “Being proactive and vigilant with client collaboration, in the research phase as well as throughout the build, we help customers avoid change orders since they increase financial burdens during construction projects due to unexpected alterations or mistakes”.

Operations Management

Our construction operations are built on the principles of hiring the best people who will get the best training so that they can make the best decisions.

Our managers utilize long-time perfected operations practices including reviewing production and operating reports and directing the resolution of operational, manufacturing and maintenance problems to ensure minimum costs and prevent operational delays.

We also utilize the latest project management tools to project out accurate timelines, keep budgets up to date with both our subcontractors and clients and streamline communications between field and office.

Client Engagement

Engaging our clients is obviously a continuous experience, however, at Parker Rose Custom Homes we also consider the customer as part of the oversight team. We look and listen for reaction, feedback and family and friend “insights” to take advantage of new opportunities to make any additions of the customer’s Forever Home dream, a reality.

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of customer trust and satisfaction. We strive to be proactive in our communication by accurately predicting project timelines and providing regular progress updates so that customers feel informed every step of the way.

Additionally, we practice transparency throughout all phases of building a Parker Rose Forever Home – we make sure to let customers know upfront about any issues or changes associated with their projects, as well as being responsive when responding customer inquiries or complaints. Our goal is for our client relationship to be built on understanding and mutual respect.


Verifying your new home’s current level of energy efficiency is an important step in our process. We analyze the HVAC system, insulation levels and more during our final inspection, inside and out. Furthermore, we assess external aspects such as windows and doors for airtightness.

One such procedure is practical and includes using fans and specialized tactics to detect any leaks in the envelope of your home. Lastly, future-proofing your Forever Home for any alternative technology can be designed in and planned for with specific and strategic preparations. We can include such options as pre-wiring the roof area to account for solar panel placement and install conduit from attic to electrical panel beforehand.

This is both cost effective in comparison to post-build installment as well as aesthetically more pleasing. We can even reserve wall space near electric panels so that potential equipment additions won’t disturb the existing architecture of your new Forever Home.

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Creating a legacy for generations, not just a home. Parker Rose Custom Homes.

When you build a custom home, you are not just building a house – you are building a legacy. A well-built custom home can last for generations, and it can be a source of pride for your family for years to come. A custom home is also a great investment. Not only will it appreciate over time, but it will also be easier to resell than a pre-owned home. So if you’re looking for a home that will provide value for your family for years to come, a custom build is the way to go. At Parker Rose Custom Homes, we believe in building quality homes that will last for generations. We take pride in our work, and we are committed to delivering homes that exceed our client’s expectations. If you’re interested in building a custom home with us, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your options with you.

For more information, contact our showrooms today at (304) 933-3374 (for Southwestern PA and North Central WV) or (540) 488-9809 (for Roanoke, Lynchburg, Rocky Mount VA region).

Let’s get started on YOUR Forever Home!


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